Jan - 2019

Dear nature lovers,
Greetings from oikos !
And a very happy new year ! Here we come with the 14th set of Wall Paper Calendars. A Big Thanks to You for supporting this calendar campaign and being inspiration for the same.
This year we bring a new theme – TRADITIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL WISDOM. In past 18 years of our work, we got many opportunities to roam in remote tribal or rural areas and interact with local people. This interaction has been enlightening and made us write a book named ‘Varasa’ in Marathi which will be published in this New Year. A film is already published on our YouTube channel by the same name - Varasa.
This traditional environmental wisdom is simply the life style these tribal and rural people have been following through generations. Every aspect of their life style reveals this inherited wisdom through simple things they do every day; be it using the perfect quality wood in house construction or cooking forest food or storing grains without spoiling it or methods of agriculture without using chemicals or an art of making of tools apt for hunting and fishing, or, simply, be it the perfection and neatness in erecting the dry thorn fence around houses… every aspect shows up wise thinking.
This is quite different than modern living style and low on resource consumption. It directly or indirectly conserves the natural resources, on which we are dependant, without overusing them. But as societies progress conventionally, this traditional knowledge is disappearing obviously. New generations of people look at it as orthodox way of living and find it inferior. Of course, all modern inventions are not bad, but all old traditions are also not discards.
This year, every month we will bring you one aspect of this sustainable life style and its significance.
Ketaki & Manasi
With Team oikos !
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