Aug - 2019

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Grain processing is the next important activity proceeding grain storage. Various tools are used to process different types of grains. e.g. There are various types of Mill stones (जातं) used to grind different types of grains. The most common mill stone made from black stone – basalt, is used to grind wheat, rice etc. while the one made from soil is used to grind millets like Varai (वरई). Few mill stones have facility to adjust pressure so that sometimes just the outer cover of grains is removed.
Also along with mill stone, mortar pestle (खल-बत्ता, उखळ-मुसळ), winnowing fan (सूप), batan stone (पाटा-वरवंटा) etc.  are used in cooking. All these tools are made simply by using some natural material like stone or wood or soil or plant parts.
All these activities are mostly done by women. Interestingly there are many folk songs associated with these activities that are sung during particular one. These activities offer good physical exercise for women and also there is inbuilt entertainment which comes through common gathering and singing. 
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