Sep - 2019

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It is very interesting to note that in remote areas, every family member knows how to build the house and every detail of it. Traditional wisdom is reflected in various activities related to house construction right from selection and cutting of tree, its treatment, shaping of wood, and then ultimately joining various parts to each other.
Various parts of the house have specific names like ओटी (oti) , परस (paras), गोठा (gotha), ओसरी (osari) and every wooden part also has terms like तुळई (tulai), वासे (vase), लग (lag), कुड (kud) etc. with specific wood species for each wooden part. Treatment of wood is done in traditional way and such structures remain intact for generations, except roof and mud plastering which is done intermittently. Best way to treat wood is by keeping it under water for few months. Such a treatment gives best result in estuaries because of saline waters. Cutting of trees is also done in specific season, mostly post monsoon.
Such houses being heavy on maintenance are taking back seat and permanent pakka (पक्का) house is being preferred. But it is worth noting that few houses are built without a single material from market. These houses are climatically most appropriate. Those remain cool during summers and warm during winters and do not require air conditioning or fans. Pakka makan though reduces our physical efforts, demands energy to run fans and ACs. Needless to say what could be the best ecologically appropriate way !
Ketaki & Manasi
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