We have been fortunate to receive recognition from well-known organizations. Such recognition boosted our moral, helped us reach more audience, spread the conservation-restoration message to many people & most importantly endorsed the ‘Nature Conservation & Ecological Restoration’. Thanks to our clients, team, families & well wishers !

Honored by ‘Bahinabai Chaudhary Sanman 2019’ by Bharari foundation

In January 2019, Bharari foundation from Jalgaon, awarded oikos team with 'Bahinabai Chaudhary* Sanman' for the contribution in the field of environment conservation. This award is being given to women working in a different field for some unique or social cause.
*Bahinabai Chaudhary was an eminent poetess of her time who wrote excellent poetry and folklore in local Ahirani language.

Honored by ‘Ramabai Joshi Award’

In 2006, we were honored with Ramabai Joshi Award for ‘Innovative Management Services’. This award is given by MCCIA every year along with G. S. Parkhe awards for new products or services. We are thankful to MCCIA for this recognition & appreciation.

Honored by ‘Uncha Maza Zoka Puraskar 2013’ by Zee Marathi

To recognize the efforts by women in various fields, Zee network decided to give an award that started in 2013. Many thanks to Zee network for selecting us for the small contribution we have done in Ecological restoration & conservation work.

Honored by ‘Avani Mitra 2014’ by K B Alias Anna Talwalkar Trust

The trust formed to respect the teachings of a valuable teacher, Anna Talwalkar and recognize efforts by various people in social or environmental movement. Sincere thanks to the trustees for recognizing us with 8th Annual Late Anna Talwalkar Memorial Avani Mitra Awards & help spreading the message of conservation to more people.