We have always found it important to take part in different exhibitions to reach to masses. It gives us an opportunity to present our work, services, products & new concepts in an effective way and also have an open discussion with the visitors.

Till now, we have taken part in exhibitions of variety of subjects, like EXPO organized by MCCIa, Constro related to construction technology, KISAN dedicated to farmers, KV Eco bazaar for eco products n services.

KISAN 2018-2019 - agriculture exhibition

We participated in KISAN 2018 (12th to 16th December) and KISAN 2019 (11th to 15th December), and interacted with farmers to initiate conservation at village level. We tried to convey two concepts - first - to prepare ‘ecologically appropriate land use’ of the village, wherein basic natural resources - soil, water (including ground water) and biodiversity will be conserved, and second - to establish a ‘Biodiversity park’ on village common land to conserve our native diversity as a gene pool. Giving herewith the information leaflets we distributed with plant list suitable for a particular rainfall zone. Do refer to the colour coding.

Leaflet for Kokan and Sahyadri area where rainfall is high.

Leaflet for part of the Desh area and far eastern part of Vidarbh where rainfall is medium.

Leaflet for Central Maharashtra where rainfall is very less.

Leaflet common to all for village planning based on land use.

KV Eco bazaar 2016 and 2017

We took part in Eco bazaar 2016 & 2017, which is a unique activity of Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival to promote eco products & services. Here we displayed the services we offer in ecological restoration and conservation, along with display of few successful projects.

Arogya 2007

We participated Arogya 2007 organized by SAKAL group with the theme ‘Backyard Medicinal Plants’ – ‘अंगणातील दवाखाना’. We displayed a range of native medicinal plants that can be grown in backyard and which our grandmothers would use in home remedy to cure minor illness. Plants were also kept for display.

Arogya 2005

We participated in Arogya 2005 organized by SAKAL group with the theme of ‘Nakshtra Plants’ – ‘नक्षत्र वृक्ष’ and ‘Native Medicinal Plants’ - ‘स्थानिक औषधी वनस्पती’. Plants were also kept for display and sale. We also published small booklets in Marathi by the same names.

KISAN 2005

We participated in KISAN 2005 to promote native plants. We also tried to convey concept of native plantations on field bunds for marginal farm land owners so as to get some additional benefit from the farm.

अल्प भू-धारकांकरता बांधांवरची लागवड

KISAN 2004

The first ever exhibition speaking about indigenous plants with common people, took place in KISAN 2004. A display of native plants with respect to six bio-geographic regions of Maharashtra was exhibited along with the sale of saplings. Each section had representative species along with regional maps such of Sahyadri, Konkan, Deccan, Marathwada, Khandesh and Vidarbh.

EXPO 2002 & 2003

EXPO 2002 & 2003