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OCTOBER - 2011

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The wilderness areas in drier parts have more thorny plants that are interestingly used by ‘Shrikes’ for impaling the food on thorns. It stays safe & fresh… One of the uncommon species of shrikes is ‘Grey shrike’ associated with thorny – scrub & grassy areas of Central India.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

Southern Grey Shrike 
Zoological name: Lanius meridionalis
Known as ‘Gandhari’ (due to black strip on eyes) in Marathi. Even the scientific name explains its habit – Lanius is a butcher or Khatik, it uses thorn as skewers to hang the prey parts.  

As the name suggests, it has grey back, black forehead. It is generally seen in open scrub country. 
They make a deep cup of grasses, hair, twigs, etc on a thorny tree & lay 3-6 whitish eggs during March to June. 

They eat insects, larks, sunbirds, bee-eaters, mammals, reptiles, & bird eggs.

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