Mar - 2011

March - 2011

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Spring is the season of colours… bright flowers, colourful birds… Enjoy ‘Holi’ with natural  colours on Desktop !
Various birds are associated with various habitats. Obviously, few birds are specially associated with waterbodies like streams, rivers, ponds, like the most popularly known ‘Kingfishers’! They are the masters of ‘Fishing’. 
Lets know more about Oriental dwarf kingfisher, one of the rare kingfishers!
Ketaki & Manasi. 

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher 
Zoological name: Ceyx erithacus
This very small, bright coloured bird is rarely seen.  It is found in Western Ghats, North east India in shady streams of dense, moist broadleaved forests of hills.
Apart from aquatic food, it also eats geckos, skinks, snails, frogs, crickets and dragonflies. 
It lays 4 - 5 eggs in horizontal tunnel which can be upto 1 m in length.
Other Kingfishers in the image are White Breasted Kingfisher, Small Blue Kingfisher & Pied Kingfisher. These are frequently seen in & around cities on Rivers, Lakes, and Streams diving in water in search of fishes.

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