Apr - 2011

April - 2011

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One keeps on wondering & tries to find origin of flute type whistle coming from the tall trees. It’s the Golden Oriole, a beautiful turmeric coloured bird that is difficult to site amongst dense foliage. A bird seen in urban as well as well forested areas & orchards. 
Yes, it can visit your garden too if there are dense canopy trees around like Mango.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

Golden Oriole 
Zoological name: Oriolus oriolus
Also known aptly as ‘Haldya’, it is a bright yellow coloured, shy bird generally found in open woodlands, orchards & gardens. Being arboreal, it generally keeps to high tree canopy & can be heard with its unusual fluting whistle. Male is bright yellow while female is dull green, both with black eye strip. 
It is a widespread resident in India, also found in Europe, Asia & Africa. It is a summer migrant to Europe & Western Asia, while winters in tropics. It is also known to migrate locally from Kokan & Western Ghats to Deccan in winter. It can be easily heard & seen during migration in 1-2 numbers or small parties, even in urban areas with better vegetation. 
The bird prefers insect & fruits. It lays 3 - 6 eggs in a nest build in a tree fork.

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