Jul - 2011

JULY - 2011

Dear Nature Lovers,

Greetings from oikos !
Eagles are the most attractive birds… handsome, large sized, staring powerful eyesight, peculiar beak & the claws… everything is very special about these birds of prey. Their role in nature is important as they keep control on the number of smaller animals.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

Changeable Hawk Eagle 
Zoological name: Spizaetus cirrhatus 
Also known as Crested Hawk Eagle, Vyadh, Morghaar.  
This bird of prey is occasionally found in Broadleaved forests & well-wooded areas throughout Indian subcontinent. It is a large sized forest eagle, brown from above & white with streaks from below. Most striking feature is the long crest projecting behind head. 
It is many times seen on perches in forest clearings.
It feeds on smaller animals like junglefowl, pheasants, hares, rodents, etc 
It generally nests from December to April in a large stick platform lined with green leaves, high in tall tree & generally lays a single egg.  

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