Sep - 2011


Dear Nature Lovers,

Greetings from oikos !
Be it little wooded areas in the city or countryside forested areas, one of the most familiar bird calls is heard everywhere.. puuk.. puuk.. puuk… It is just like a metal hammering of a coppersmith and yes, the bird making this call is also named as Coppersmith Barbet !
Ketaki & Manasi. 

Coppersmith Barbet 
Zoological name: Megalaima haemacephala
Also known as Crimson-breasted Barbet.
It is found in South Asia and parts of Southeast Asia. Throughout their range they are found in gardens, groves and sparse woodland. They nest and roost in cavities. They also nest in self excavated or secondary holes in trees, so habitats with trees having dead wood is said to be important for them. 
It can be easily identified with green colour & bright crimson spot on forehead & throat. 
Their main breeding season in February to April, in excavated tree hole, with 2-4 eggs.
Generally found in solitary, pairs, or small groups; but sometimes larger parties are seen on abundantly fruiting Ficus trees. They are mainly fruit eaters but occasionally eat insects, especially winged termites. They mainly eat fruits of ficus trees like Banyan, Peepal, & other wild figs. An important seed dispersal agent for Ficus’ trees which are difficult to germinate otherwise.

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