Dec - 2015

December - 2015
Dear Nature Lovers,
Greetings from oikos !

Bamboo is the tallest grass in the world.
They have significant cultural and economic importance.
It’s a versatile raw material being used for many purposes.
e.g. construction, food source, various household or agricultural implements etc.
Dishes prepared from bamboo shoots are one of the delicacies enjoyed all over world.

Mes is one of such bamboo, which is seen commonly in moderate rainfall areas.
It grows up to 6 to 15 m tall and is solid bamboo.
They are used for making house frames, rafters, tent poles, 
concrete reinforcement, walls, scaffolding, and fences. 
In few areas the leaves are used for thatching.
Also most of the bamboo species are fast growing, hardy
and can grow in poor soils, so are used in plantations.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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