Apr - 2015

April - 2015
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Grasses are the best cover type to insulate top soil in short term.

Perennial grasses like Eulalia trispicata are the best for providing insulation.
When land is degraded, system to keep the soil alive is lost.
Top soil heats up during dry months and its regenerating capacity decreases.
When worked with ecological restoration techniques,
this soil shows step wise changes in grass communities.

In Western Ghats, seasonal grasses like Themeda spp exit
and perennial grasses like Eulalia spp take over.
This stage, wherein, Eulalia start spreading over larger areas
is very important, as it offers perennial cover to the soil,
helps in retaining moisture in the top soil throughout the year.

It is important species in transition in succession process
from grasslands to shrubbery !
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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