May - 2015

May - 2015
Dear Nature Lovers,
Greetings from oikos !

Grasses are the best cover type to insulate top soil in short term.

Certain grass species are used for thatching the roof,
for its special characters to stay dry during rains.
Species like Kolim doesn’t get soaked in rain,
but water gets washed away due to its smooth
and shining stems, and remains dry.
Thus act as water proof material for roofs,
keeping the houses safe during rainy seasons,
without any waterproof cement roof !!

These grasses are specially conserved in patches by people in Western Ghats.
And those are maintained through generations to thatch the roof.
But with modernization of houses, these species are getting neglected.
This calls for conservation of such important species !
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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