Jun - 2015

June - 2015
Dear Nature Lovers,
Greetings from oikos !

Current cultivars have their origins in wild.. 
Many grasses, though wild, are eaten occasionally.
One such is Dewbhat, Oryza rufipogon !
This is a wild relative of Rice.
A rare species found only in wetlands and ponds.
Grains are eaten in scarcity of food, if not commonly.
Such wild edible species are also important from ‘gene pool’ point of view,
as they have marked resistivity for pests and have high nutrition value.
And so have great potential for domestication to fight food security.
Many times such species are observed in sacred or protected ponds.
But due to lack of awareness and increased waste disposal,
such wetland species get neglected and vanish due to disturbance in habitat.
It is worth noting that many of our wild grass species,
are getting threatened and with increased modernization becoming extinct from few areas.
We need to conserve them all, before we lose them !
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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