Jan - 2016

January - 2016
Dear Nature Lovers,
Greetings from oikos !
Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year !!
Thanks to all of you for the great support and 
inspiration for this desktop calendars campaign.
This year we bring a variety of Butterflies before you.
January comes with one of the common butterfly - Red Pierrot. 
Pierrot is named after a character from French drama wearing white costume. 
Scientific name : Talicada nyseus,  Family : Lacenidae (Blues)
Commonly seen in peninsular India. Prefers moist and shady places.
It frequents sheltered habitats in forests, mostly moist deciduous and evergreen,
as well as urban garden where its food plant grows.
Larval Food plants of Red Pierrot : Kalanchoe lacinata, Bryophyllum pinnatum 

पानफुटी, Bryophyllum pinnatum 
This plant, originally from Madagascar, is said to be naturalized in
tropical and sub tropical areas, like India, Australia, New Zealand etc.
But is also considered as threat being invasive in certain habitats.
It can be planted gardens to attract Red Pierrot 
but ecology of such plants needs to be studied
before its introduction in natural areas.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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