Feb - 2016

February - 2016
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Common Silverline is another common butterfly from India.
Name is very apt due to silver lines on orange bands over wings.
Scientific name : Spindasis vulcanus,  Family : Lycaenidae (Blues)
Commonly seen in peninsular India. Prefers open areas with natural vegetation.
It is most common  in deciduous forests or openings or edges within semi-evergreen forests.
It has a powerful flight. Once on air it is difficult to follow its course,
owing to the extremely swift flight and sinuous flight path.
Most remarkable feature of the Silverline is its dependence on ants during larval stage.
It lays eggs on plants with presence of Crematogaster or other ants.
These ants protect the caterpillars from predators and never leave it to fend for itself.
In return these caterpillars secret nutritious secretion, honeydew, for ants to eat !

Larval Food plants : Ziziphus mauritiana, Ziziphus rugosa, Allophylous cobbe, Canthium coromandelicum, Cadaba fructocosa

बोर - Ziziphus mauritiana, तोरण- Ziziphus rugosa 
While Ber is most common plant in drier parts and open areas,
Toran a shrub found in open areas within semi-evergreen 
and moist deciduous forests.
Both these plants are thorny and grow in poor soils.
Fruits are edible and also used in various cooking recipes.
Ketaki & Manasi. 

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