Ecological Landscaping is a parallel way of designing gardens. It helps the process of beautification by preserving the Biodiversity. This is not just making greenery in your backyard but creating ‘liveliness’ on the land. Creating wilderness is the base for this beautification.
The exceptional thing about this effort is the realization by the owners that wildlife is and should remain an indispensable part of the landscape. oikos acts as a catalyst to develop this relationship between man and wildlife through a landscape, which is at once aesthetically pleasing and ecologically fulfilling.



Ecological Beautification

Habitat Development :
Habitats for smaller fauna like birds, bees, insects, butterflies are developed with food plants, native plants, rocks, ponds, feeders, logs etc.

Managing aesthetics :
Aesthetics are managed by using existing terrain, designing appropriate spaces and by using various characters of the native plants like mass blooming or shady or perennial greens or specific shapes etc.

Efficient use of resources :
One of the important aspects in landscape design is minimum use of resources like soil, water, energy, and fertilizers.

Recycling :
Recycled materials are used in design and operation which includes vermi-compost, household wastewater treatment & use etc.

Native Plantations

This service caters the land owners who just wish to do plantations. Plantation plans are prepared by using native trees and shrubs. Various themes are developed depending on the requirement of the land and the owner. e.g. Shady trees in open area, Flowering trees along roads, Edible fruits or Fragrant plants around houses, Medicinal or Religious plants etc. Special focus plantation plan like Nakshatra Garden or Botanical garden are also prepared.


Plant material sourcing

We suggest & provide Indigenous alternatives of plants including trees, shrubs, and climbers for Gardening, Hedges, Landscaping, Roadside avenues, Plantations, Multiple uses, etc. Since it is difficult to get a range of native plants from nearby nurseries, we help in sourcing the plant material from various locations. This assures the exact species for plantations as proposed in the plans.