Let us incorporate this ‘CFC’ (Contribute For Conservation) in our life ! 

A study says that the stuff we consume is responsible for up to 60 percent of global greenhouse emissions and between 50 – 80 percent of total land, material and water use!
Isn’t it a staggering figure!? Such a scenario today calls for a thorough understanding of man-nature relationship and a proactive contribution for nature conservation. Action oriented programs are needed at individual, society and policy level. There could be three aspects to the action.


Lifestyle change

Nature conservation is more than just planting trees or knowing wildlife. Conservation should start at home, at city level. Smallest action a common man does in a city is connected to a larger circle around city.
Urban life style matters a lot for nature conservation !
Let’s be a conscientious consumer first !
Our choices will shape healthy surrounding.
Here are few positive actions that everybody can start,


Land based conservation
If you own land, here are various ways to connect & contribute for nature. I am a …

A farm house owner | Make your land alive ! Convert your farm house garden into a 'wildlife garden'. Even a farmhouse can be a wildlife refuge through appropriate plantations, habitat creation & eco-friendly practices. Your farm house can be designed with the concept of Eco-landscaping to accommodate & support fauna.
oikos provides services in Ecological Landscaping.


  A Land owner | For those who cherish endless diversity of nature ! Having perennial green cover on land, attracting various birds is a dream for any landowner. It can be planned in a systematic & scientific way through Eco-planning. This will also compliment other activities on land like farming or horticulture.
oikos provides services for Ecological Assessment and Planning.

A Land developer | Let's bring 'Eco' in theory and practice ! Make your development nature, resource & energy friendly. Go for an Eco-development plan for your project.
oikos provides guidelines to keep the process of development in tune with nature.
An industrialist | Grow natives this monsoon ! Now Green belt development and pollution control are mandatory for industries. Having plantations that need less inputs and recycling wastewater are good options for clean development. Use native plants varieties in plantations, gardens, avenues.
Saplings are available at our nursery round the year.


A resort owner | More than sightseeing, the experience of Lifetime ! Make your destination attractive to visitors through nature trails, signage, and information booth. Ecotourism Destination Development will provide you the ways to make visitors aware of nature and care for it.
oikos helps create eco-tourism opportunities by studying the land.
Conservation Guidelines for land owners in Sahyadri-Kokan. Here are few do’s and don’ts for your land.


Moreover, some urbanites may wish to contribute in some other way for conservation. Living in urban centers puts lot of pressure on rural areas. For drawing water, electricity, construction material, and many more, city dwellers keep on extracting. Few sensitive minds wish to repay this destruction with their actions. Here are few ways in which people can contribute with their interest, knowledge, & resources in hand.

Collective restoration | Conserve & restore the land parcels for nature that have been bought in groups of friends and relatives.
Private sanctuary by Urban community | Rahal for the forests | A positive step initiated by oikos to create an opportunity for contributing towards land restoration. Write to us for knowing more details.
Volunteer | Take part in conservation initiatives by groups or organizations working at grass root level, like Adhiwas Foundation, Ecological Society , Jeevitnadi, Jeevidha
Donations | Do check activities of Adhiwas Foundation if you wish to donate.
To donate in kind, please contact - adhiwas.foundation@gmail.com
CSR funding | If you are a part of corporate sector, then try to join in CSR core and initiate positive funding  options for nature conservation in some way.